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Garry Satherley, a writer from New Zealand, was born in Blenheim, not far from the Marlborough Sounds situated at the upper Northern part of the South Island of New Zealand.   His book The Arch-traitor’s Lament, was published by Text Publishing, Melbourne,  and also published in Germany as Der Mann Den Es Nicht Gab.  The Author was  a former journalist and worked for the Sydney Morning Herald.  After researching his family background which took some surprising turns, and where the key event was focussed on the (alleged)  murder of his great-grandfather (Harry Satherley) in Blenheim in 1897, whose misfortune became again the focus of this sensational murder case forty-three years after his great-grandfather vanished in that town.   Garry took to the quill once more and presented a thoroughly dissected rendition of the events in his novel titled Whitebait,  recently published on November 7th, 2015 by Zharmae Publishing Press.   This work is worthy of a read not only to be enjoyed by history buffs, but anyone with a Catholic taste in all manner of literature and all manner of genres.


Between stints as a journalist in New Zealand and Australia, he worked in various down-to-earth occupations and knocked about a good deal in both countries. Upon marrying and becoming a father, he restricted himself to journalism, and in time was Deputy Editor of the Illawarra Mercury and, later, National Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald.   On the strength of skills acquired in the knockabout period, he was mate and engineer in the schooner Dick Smith Explorer on the Oceanic Research Foundation’s expedition to Commonwealth Bay, East Antarctica, where he excavated the famous hut of the 1911-14 Mawson Expedition. In 1990, the Satherley family emigrated to Hungary, then in the throes of “democratisation,” so that son Joel could attend the Petõ Institute, known worldwide for its work with disabled children.


Back in Australia, while the Satherley parents battled endlessly with education authorities to have Joel admitted to the system at a level appropriate to his intellectual abilities, Garry wrote a novel based on the Hungarian experience, published in 2000 in Australia as The Arch-traitor’s Lament and in Germany as Der Mann, Den es nicht gab. Satherley continues to write both fiction and a factional genre where hard history and fiction intertwine (as in Whitebait).  In 2008, Joel Satherley, musician, actor, comedian, advocate for the rights of disabled people, and inaugural winner of the Australian Disabled Personal Achievement Award (2007), died of an undiagnosed cancer four days short of his 25th birthday. Our Author then went back to sea in an old sloop he named Joely’s Reel. An account of this voyage and of Joel’s life, illness, and death, Swimming to Krk, is upcoming.


We are very proud to have the calibre of author such as Garry has proved to be.   The brililant Author himself has that same quality of humor and quickwittedness, a legacy he has obviously passed on to his son Joel, as ‘blood will out’!   Joel, will always be fondly remembered for his incredible stamina, and selflessness, and his persistence to living his life to the full.  Despite having to face his own adversities in life, Joel met his life head on with an amazing sense of optimism and courage, thinking not of himself but immersing himself to the task of staunch advocate for the rights of ‘differently abled’ people, and it is clear how proud Garry is of his boy, by dedicating his novel “Swimming to Krk”  to his  son’s memory.   An amazing journey of determination, courage and resilience, which will touch the hearts of many and is a much recommended ‘must read’ for all discerning and caring readers.  This work is to be shortly released also by Zharmae Publishing Press.




White Bait by Garry Satherley L

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Nov 7, 2015

by Garry Satherley

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OVERVIEW – “Whitebait”

One night in 1897, Harry Satherley walked out of a pub in Blenheim, New Zealand and disappeared. Not far away, another man is robbed. As conflicting eyewitness accounts mount, so do the lies and deception. Was the evidence planted? Did the missing man sell a horse he did not own? Did he simply flee? The authorities steadfastly discount the possibility of foul play, save for that which may have been committed by his own hand.
Then a body is pulled from the river. The head trauma leads the coroners to declare murder. As rumors fly and Satherley’s family struggles to survive, the discovery sets off a chain of events that will affect the entire town, ultimately concluding in an explosive showdown.
Based on the real-life disappearance and probable murder of the author’s great-grandfather, a horse trainer named Harry Satherley, Whitebait is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride.




Garry Satherley




Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: The Text Publishing Company (2000)
ISBN-10: 1876485248
ISBN-13: 978-1876485245

Garr Satherley
Publisher: Goldmann (February 1, 2003)
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3442454220
ISBN-13: 978-3442454228
Note:  Keep an eye out for more amazing works in both fiction and non-fiction by this amazing Author


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