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Charity Barger  was fifteen when she decided she wanted to be actress, a writer and a lawyer.  It seems like a long impossible list, but she was determined.  And since that day, she has worked in front of and behind the camera.  She  fulfilled her dreams of being an actress and somewhere in the middle found herself in the position as a PA, assistant production coordinator, production coordinator,  and then finally producer.   She  has written several screenplays including the one for the movie which she  produced.  As a writer, she  started out publishing a book of poetry, then went onto writing several children’s stories for Innovations for Learning.  Then, she realized her dream of publishing her first novel, “The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory,”  followed by her second novel, “A Tendency Towards Love.”  So, what else could she then to pursue her  goal of being a lawyer.  She is  currently a full-time student with my eyes fixed on the realities of law school.  I guess at fifteen she really did  know exactly what she wanted from her amazing life.   The Author’s personal accomplishments are admirable, and Charity Barger’s  humble disposition, kind heart and unassuming outlook on life; despite all of her life’s achievements thus far, are nothing short of  exemplary.

ABOUT THE BOOK – “My Teenage Life: Freshman Innocence”      

My Teenage Life larger copy cover                       

Book Description: Fiction based on factual events
Publisher:  Solstice Horizon – http://www.solsticepublishing.com
Kindle Edition (Paperback soon to follow)

Everyone who has gone through it during the 60’s, and experienced life as a freshman will recall those days vividly in memory. The images remain with us for a lifetime; to either serve as a learning curve and mold us into better people; or allow the bittersweet memories to render us with feelings of respite and regret. For the most part we do survive it all, and the benefits are to be reaped if we are conducive to making positive change within ourselves.

The poignant and arresting moments this story touches on, many of you who buy a copy will easily familiarize themselves with the scenarios. This great book makes for a wonderful read which will provide moments of ‘Déjà Vu’ reminiscent of stinging nettles, or elated and triumphant memories. A well written fiction work based on true life’s experiences, “My Teenage Life: Freshman Year, provides not only authenticity but realism echoing true in all cultural backgrounds, when it comes to our formative years spent at school , which takes up about a good 1/3 portion of our adolescent growing-up-years. The sentiments this story touches on don’t only apply to our American cultural traditions but runs parallel with countries across the globe. After all, teenagers and college students alike and irrespective of background or nationality; share similar experiences and emotional rollercoasters the world over.

Copyright ©2014.by EmerantiaParnall-Gilbert. All rights reserved.

“My Teenage Life: Freshman Innocence”, is the first in a four book series. The story is set in the early 1960s and follows a young woman, Cindy Lawrence, as she makes her way through high school.

Cindy begins her freshman year with her best friend, Eddie, and soon realizes how quickly friendship can change. Her eyes are opened to new experiences as well as new relationships. With the introduction of Johnny into her life, a love triangle quickly forms, turning Cindy’s world upside down. I highly recommend anyone, reading this review, to purchase your Kindle copy now.

Paper back is soon to follow…

Other titles soon to follow…

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