About Our Client, and Author Patrick M. Shanahan


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Patrick Shanahan grew up playing on the streets of Chicago’s South Side. He the second oldest of thirteen children and lived in a racially charged neighborhood where trouble was always just around the corner.  The big city has a lot to offer about the secrets of life and since he’s always believed who we are is greatly influenced by where we come from; my character and aggressive nature are simply products of the street. This all started September 26, 1943 when as a friend once remarked, “You came out swinging.”

The author’s articles and short stories have been appearing in various newspapers, newsletters, and national magazines for the past fifteen years with the last two human interest stories published in a May and October issue of  a DRG Publication. The past several years he has volunteered at Loch Haven Nursing Home (Macon, Missouri) and written about forty short stories featuring America’s military veterans. Each story became a part of the home’s annual Veterans Salute, an area distributed newsletter.

Patrick’s passion is writing full length crime thrillers and his latest book “A Girl Named Jane” is the first of several novels to be published this year.

His style of writing boasts a strong story line, a clear and believable plot with characters that are real and he always uses natural dialog, adjectives, and adverbs, and the colloquialism of the district, which bring the work to life, and  move the story along. He never leaves loose ends and his readers never have to page back to reacquaint themselves with any of his characters.  Patrick knows how and when to reintroduce characters from earlier in the story. Many of the anecdotes in his manuscripts come from his background as a union activist and his roots from Chicago’s South Side.  The author also has many acquaintances who have fed the pages of his manuscripts with insight and experiences from their lives.

He enjoys providing live interviews, been featured at numerous book signings, hosted work shops for new authors, and been profiled several times in newspapers.


Publisher: Solstice Publishing

Available at Amazon.com in Kindle format – Paperback to follow

A Girl Named Jane

Book Description

Publication Date: December 30, 2013
Jane Robinson was the fruit of a permissive subculture; she was also the victim of an indifferent society. Guardianship, in the care of Family Services does not provide the utilitarian atmosphere intended. Instead, it leaves her bitter and distrustful of authority.The men Jane chose to love have a common denominator; they resent authority and ignore the rules of society. One relationship ends tragically while another introduces a violent stalker into her life, which motivates an identity change.

While pursuing her dream of finding her birth mother and reuniting with her “adopted”
sister, Jane’s life takes on a dramatic twist when a chance meeting with Terry Kelley initiates her affiliation with organized crime.

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