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Les Johnson

Our illustrious Author Leslie Robert Johnson was born in England in 1951.  Studied at Grammar School level.   When he left England in 1970 he traveled extensively and also lived in Spain, Germany and is now residing in Holland.

Les Johnson


Cbeck out some of the Author own publishing efforts on his website.  Featuring many great books.  I greatly admire Les for the fight in him, and his ability to sustain his own survival as a writer and an intellectual in a competitive industry, such as the publishing world is.  Nothing keeps Les down, and he continues to thrive and produce some amazing published works for close friends and colleagues.  I will try to the best of my ability to support Les’ fortitude and stamina.  He will rise above the ashes triumphantly.

On the main this is simply due to his conviction that what he creates as a novelist is if a high quality, and his loyalty and willingness to do what he can for his friends and family.

I urge any reader with a discerning mind, and a deep appreciation for the Arts, to purchase any or all of the books listed on the Author’s own beautifully illustrated website at:


Other pertinent information about our Author:-
•    Multi-lingual; German, Dutch, limited Spanish and of course English
•    Married with 4 children and one granddaughter
•    Commenced writing satire for a satirical website called The Spoof and became one of their most popular writers reaching over 2.3 million readers
•    First published book; “The unacceptable truth” published in South Africa by Verity Publishers. A collection of philosophical ideas dealing with subjects that affect us all.
ABOUT BOOK I – Erskine Quint:Intrepid Adventurer Extraordinaire in “Timeless Insanity”

Note: (Erskine Quit: Intrepid Adventurer Extraordinaire Book 1) Kindle Edition

Book I - Timeless Insanity of the Erskine Quint Trilogy
File Size: 578 KB
Print Length: 268 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Sarah Book Publisher; First edition (February 27, 2015)
Publication Date: February 27, 2015

Utter, utter madness is at the root of this very exciting and totally outrageous tale of British aristocrat and super hero, Erskine Quint. His ultimate quest is to expose the truth behind humankind’s existence hidden in the real ‘Holy Grail’!
Erskine manoeuvres between time zones leaving the reader guessing from what era he actually exists in, to no avail. The reader remains in a timeless zone, bouncing backwards and forwards in a ‘Pythonist bubble’ filled with insane adventures.
Mercurial stud, Erskine Quint, was born with blood running through his veins that gives him extra-dimensional strength, intelligence and an insatiable appetite for female beauties.
Surreal characters, nasty elements, erotica, and timeless insanity form the backbone of the story. However, there are elements of ‘truth’ running through the story with several twists in the tails of Erskine’s main opponents. These ‘twists’ appear only after the reader has followed Erskine and his manservant, Kimjabi, across the planet as they search for clues in their monumental quest. Good and evil accompany us through our lives, and this unbelievable novel offers a nail biting finale that only those of a strong disposition, open-mind and endless fantasy can comprehend.
Born in England in 1951 on the wave of a ‘Taurean Tsunami’ L.R.Johnson studied at Grammar School niveau. After leaving England in 1970 he travelled extensively throughout Europe living in Spain and Germany, and now resides in Holland.
L.R. Johnson is fluent in German and Dutch, limited Spanish and of course English. He is married with four children and one lovely granddaughter.
He commenced writing satire for a website called The Spoof reaching over 2,3 million readers, and then released his first book, ‘The unacceptable truth’, published in South Africa by Verity Publishers. It is a collection of philosophical ideas that reveal his more serious side.
L.R.Johnson then created the character, ‘Erskine Quint intrepid adventurer’ first published in 2010. Timeless Insanity is part 1 of a trilogy and the republished version, which has been compared to, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Monty Python, amongst other ‘insane’ classics.

ABOUT BOOK II – “Tentacles of evil” of the Erskine Quint Trilogy 

ERskine Quint Tentacles of Evil

File Size: 1118 KB
Print Length: 400 pages
Publisher: Sarah Book Publishing; First edition (August 5, 2015)
Publication Date: August 5, 2015   Length: 244 pages (estimated)


Tentacles of Evil transports readers to the outer limits of their fantasy, feelings and beliefs. A plethora of black humour, evil human behaviour, deadly, and ruthless battles accompany Erskine Quint, Kimjabi his manservant, and their team as they attempt to expose those who perpetrate, uphold and scavenge off the most evil business on the planet.
A quest peppered with bloody, barbarous action, vicious confrontations with evil and those who represent it? Superb, hilarious slapstick comedy and non-stop, breath-taking adventures lead to an ultimate confrontation with the root of all evil.
This book is Part Two of the Erskine Quint Trilogy; it is utterly demanding, mesmerising, entertaining and, of course, surreal. However, the sinister forces that really surround our planet are never far away and hidden between the lines of this unbelievable novel.
It is up to the reader to decide where fantasy and truth meet; L.R. Johnson makes sure this question will never be answered!

L.R. Johnson started writing seriously after joining the “satirical insanity” on The Spoof website. Over 2.5 million people enjoyed reading his satirical posts so he decided to pursue his dream of writing books, hence the birth of Erskine Quint!
Now 64, married to a wonderful wife, father of four fantastic children and a beautiful granddaughter, the Erskine Quint project has become a driving force in Johnson’s life. He has now been offered a film deal for Part One of the Erskine Quint Trilogy, Timeless Insanity; a jewel in the crown for every author.
After completing the trilogy, L.R. Johnson, now hopes he can realise his dream; to become a full-time author – before it’s too late.

Main characters in “Tentacles of evil”
•    Erskine Quint the super-intelligent aristocrat with multi-dimensional physical powers and driven by the blood running through his veins that comes from a heavenly / hellish source.
•    Kimjabi is Erskine’s Indian manservant, great friend, and sidekick, who plays a major role in all of the outrageous adventures and was immortalised in part one
•    Jasmine T is a deadly, cold-blooded killing machine and Ninja fighter, who is extremely beautiful, sexy, and eventually wins the heart of Erskine Quint, the notorious, mercurial stud.
•    Igor is Erskine’s Georgian alcoholic chauffer, ex Russian special commando, terminator, and killer of all things evil with a deadly sense of humour, literally
•    Master Shu Wun Too is Gods earthly representative who is a chameleon figure and constantly looking over Erskine’s shoulder.
•    God is God
•    Satan is Satan
•    Satan’s demons are what they are; evil and demonic
Short chapter analysis
•    Although Erskine Quint is a super human being and for this very dangerous quest, he puts himself at the mercy of extreme natural forces in the harshest of environments to prepare perfectly and sharpen up his sublime skills and talent. He also has a confrontation with some very evil, satanic beasts.
•    Erskine then decides to go to one of the most horrific hellholes on the planet to confront evil at its most extreme form. Self-imposed incarceration in an institution where only the very worst criminals imprisoned, above ground reside. Below ground reside those who can only be called Satan’s subterranean servants and to extract information from the most evil is a wicked operation.
•    Man against nature is the final test and Erskine Quint, alone, combats the most natural destructor of all (When it rears its ugly head that is) in a pulsating race to crush a record that any human had ever achieved before with devilish, disrupting interventions attempting to thwart his further progress.
•    The quest begins and joining Erskine is his intrepid team of Kimjabi, Jasmine T, and Igor.  First stop is Hong Kong to ruffle some Chinese feathers and start the ball rolling.
•    Next stop is Afghanistan to achieve something that no nation or invading force in the history of conflict has ever succeeded. Erskine Quint and his team, plus support from his very influential friends do just that.
•    Columbia is the country of billionaire drug cartels, corruption, and misery; this is all about to end as Erskine goes for the jugular, rips it out, and replaces it with something beneficial for all Columbians and not for those who keep the country in slavery.
•    Washington is awash with corruption that rules high in the echelons of power, politics, security forces, and US secret services. Those who perpetrate and strangulate the world with their “Tentacles of evil” are now beginning to lose their grip and it is time for a very devilish intervention.
•    The United Kingdom and home of many “Masters of Puppets” is Erskine’s next port of call and although he is a top-level British aristocrat, he is determined to expose the UK for what it really is, a beloved playground for satanic activities that co-ordinate and conduct the global “Tentacles of evil” strangulating the world and its population.
•    Finalé = There can only be one place for the Grand Finalé and all roads lead there and I will not divulge a thing, read it for yourself and be shocked!

Overview of “Tentacles of Evil” book II in the Erskine Quint Intrepid Adventurer Series:-
Before entering the dark, sinister realms of the author’s mind one should be aware that there is a very thin line between insanity and genius. Within the novel this thin line never ceases to appear, so please read with caution, the sickness can be contagious; you have been warned!
To commence not at the beginning and continue where part 1 of the trilogy finished becomes prudent and important, therefore reference to “Erskine Quint intrepid adventurer extraordinaire” necessary.  There was never any intention to allow the main character in the trilogy, Erskine Quint, to rest in peace. Such an immortal, super-human being, and mercurial stud possessed with very special, extra-dimensional powers will always be destined to continue his quests. Hence, it became impossible to allow the character to fade away and become a part of surreal history. The aim was to develop the character, plus others who starred in the first part, and thrust them forward into a new, dark, daunting, outrageous, and very dangerous quest.

The search for the root of human “madness” which is the backbone of Part 1 escalates into an even more incredible quest in part 2. Erskine and his team attempt to conquer one of the most evil aspects of human existence that strangulates the human race and is prevalent all across the planet. Hence, the title, “Tentacles of evil” and his objective is to rid the planet of this particular evil and expose its perpetrators

A WORD TO OUR READERS – ” About Erskine Quint Intrepid Adventurer Series” By Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert

Amazing stuff!!! I honestly can’t say I’ve come across anything else so unique which encompasses every emotion…and a whole lot more – which must have come from somewhere beyond the realms formerly not known to human kind, until now.  However the Author presents all of the ‘real’ as well as the ‘surreal’ elements within the boundaries of absolute authenticity, and which he has utilized and usurped from that extraordinary powerhouse of creativity which seems to encompass the mechanisms of his dark and twisted (but probably amazing) brain. Lol!

The Author has demonstrated his ability to mesmerize, startle and shock the reader simultaneously, yet also manages to offer a modicum of intermittent light, if somewhat bizarre sense of relief timely teamed with a splash of satire and good humor; conjuring a roller-coaster of emotions which keeps the ‘unfortunate reader’ well focused, imprisoned and shackled upon the adventures which unfold so dramatically before their reading eyes in stark imagery from the pages of this book.

If anyone is game enough to dare purchase a copy of ERSKINE QUINT INTREPID ADVENTURER EXTRAORDINAIRE “Timeless Insanity” , we promise they will experience an unforgettable and amazing journey of ‘scary’ , ‘addictive’ and the ‘unusual’, as can only be told so superbly in that true British tradition such as was executed so well by Author Les Johnson.

The sequel (and second book of this Trilogy) entitled ERSKINE QUINT INTREPID ADVENTURER “TENTACLES OF EVIL” will also shake the reader once more to the core…and if these works are ever optioned to film, they will take their place among the ranks of some of our greatest thriller movie classics of all time ever produced on the silver screen.

No, you are not imagining it…and I am not exaggerating…

Adapted Screenplay and full Treatment available from hawkspurrproductions@gmail.com

Emerantia Parnall-Gilbertposted toErskine Quint intrepid adventurer extraordinaire


Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert


Believe it or believe it not?? It’s true!!

Yes guys, something else you can tell all those people about!! Our film deal with this wonderful company!!


See you soon!!

Les Johnson


The New Douglas Adams Has arrived and He’s Discovered the Real Meaning of Life

Posted: 21/11/2012 12:45 GMT Updated: 19/01/2013 10:12 GMT

Many years ago when I was a student I was introduced to the works of Douglas Adams, and it was very shortly after that that I went with him on a tour of the universe. He told me the meaning of life was 42 and I spent many evenings coming back from a magical Geordie college by the sea on the Metro reading about the exploits of Ford Prefect.

I became aware of many things through my literary travels with Adams. I learned that Yellow was a colour to start an adventure with, and that Androids are paranoid. I learned that there is a restaurant at the end of the Universe and that the last thing the Dolphins said before the world came to an end was “Goodbye and thanks for all the fish”.

I had a friend called Nicola and she told me that there would never be another writer as good as Adams. She also added that Adams’ ability to take the reader on an adventure could never be matched by another human being because he was a genius. And even though many people came close, those words held true for twenty years. Pratchett came very close, but it wasn’t until this September that I came across a book that contained the same level of adventure, insanity and hilarity and I wished I still knew Nicola so I could phone her up and say. “You have to read this book. Its a bit like Douglas Adams…only better”

That book is Eskine Quint, Intrepid Adventurer Extraordinaire, and it is the story of the hunt for the source of all human madness, and of course, the Holy Grail. It is a pythonesque extravaganza of humour that starts in the Himalayas in India where Eskine and his faithful companion Kimjabi begin their quest by climbing Mount Everest. They then cause chaos in Paris, London and Rome. Then the adventure takes to the air and Erskine and Kimjabi go sailing across the Atlantic on a magical air balloon ride, whilst being pursued all the way by “a dark, dastardly cad, called Percival Smithers Bat-ears, Anthropologist Supreme.”

Both Erskine and Bat-ears are following an ancient path of clues hidden within the darkest places in history where madness has done its worst damage. At some points this madness leads the reader to ponder on the saddest events in history and it makes you believe that yes the world really is mad. But as soon as the poignancy comes it is gone, because the pace of the story is so fast the writer leaves you with no time for tears. He replaces them with more fantastic one liners and an excellent slightly rude joke or two,

Erskine is an adventurer who enjoys his comforts, however and he is never without a new flash car or the company of a glamorous lady of the night. Unlike Smithers-Bat-ears who only has the one love, Volga Olga, a leading lady with a very big difference.

And that’s just the beginning of the story. The story then goes on to reveal the meaning of the whole world, and the secret relationship between God and the Devil. And all this makes it just as good as Adams. The only problem I can see with this book is that L R Johnson has only written the one book. And after reading Ersquine Quint, I really wanted to go out and buy another one. But there isn’t one. He’s unique, and we’ll all just have to wait until he writes the next one.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to go to the old bank street book shop in my town to see if they’ve got any old copies of the Hitchhiker’s guide. I think its time for a re-read. Thank God for Douglas Adams…and of course L R Johnson.

Erskine Quint is available on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Erskine-Quint-Mr-L-Johnson/dp/1478226277


Book Review – Erskine Quint Intrepid Explorer Extraordinaire by LR Johnson
Brought to you by Café Spike’s resident book reviewer, Ted Pemberton. This edition of ‘Erskine Quint intrepid explorer extraordinaire’ reviewed on Thursday 05/02/15 and brought exclusively to our readers in 3D, smellovision, and with subtitles for the visually impaired. Hi, I’m Ted Pemberton, Café Spike’s resident book reviewer, and as most of you will already be aware, I hardly ever actually read the books which land on my desk because I’m usually too drunk to be able to focus on the print. However, in the case of LR Johnson’s fantasmagorical literary debut I’m really glad that I made an exception. According to the office rumour mill there’s been a past history of animosity between our Editor in Chief and LR Johnson, but in fairness to Martin Shuttlecock he told me to forget all about that and look forward to a new dawn. He described ‘Erskine’ as a veritable tour de force and a work of utter genius which ought to be incorporated into the national curriculum. So I actually read it – and it’s the work of a twisted and tortured genius. Erskine travels through time, dispensing his unique philosophy to all who he comes across, uttering words of wisdom as he embarks upon his timeless quest to bring enlightenment to the world. This is a visceral page turner of the highest calibre, penned by the sharpest mind in generations. Erskine is a lavish, eccentric, inspired examination of the spiritual possibilities of humanity, an unrivalled tour de force which can only possibly be improved upon by the subsequent sequels. The novel racks the tension (and the utter madness!) up by notch after notch as it leaves its unforgettable message scorched into the reader’s brain. I can only recommend that everybody on Earth purchase a copy of this roller-coaster ride of sheer philosophical insanity and madness. The climax had my heart pounding fit to burst as my trembling fingers thumbed inexorably towards the climactic denouement. I won’t spoil things, but I would strongly urge everybody to read this book as if your life depends on it, and I can safely say that upon finishing it, with adrenaline pulsing through your veins and hysterical laughter backing up in your throat, you’ll thank me for this recommendation, and you’ll thank LR Johnson for sharing the edge of the seat thrills in his own inimicable style. Rumour has it – although as yet unconfirmed – that a major multi-million dollar summer blockbuster is in the offing. Surely a job for Steven Spielberg, or at the very least Michael Bay (of Transformers fame) or even the legendary Terry Gilliam. 


*Erskine Quint Adventurer Extraordinaire is available from that website named after a big South American river and is a bargain at twice the recommended retail price. 

**Café Spike supports independent authors who might occasionally see fit to slip us a back-hander in order to maintain our humble operation. 

Reporter: Ted Pemberton.


Les Johnson is a modest man, and it’s abundantly clear what he values most, his beautiful wife Liz, he regales as an even greater artist, and who is a well revered Artist of the Palette in her own right.  I figured it would be a nice gesture and acknowledgement to display and flaunt Les’ other half, so we can all celebrate her success as she takes her place among the ranks of some of our better known talent in the world of refined artists.

You go Liz!!!  xoxox

More of Liesbeth’s fine, superb and unique talents: https://www.liesbethjohnsonart.com/


The truth of mankind’s contribution to pollution lies hidden below the suface

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