About Our Client, and Author L. Sydney Abel

All these books listed below are with my wonderful agent Emerantia.

Hopefully, one day, you’ll get to read them.

The first book scheduled for publication entitled  “TIMOTHY OTHER”  the boy who climbed MARZIPAN MOUNTAIN, the first of over 10 illustrated book titles,  will be out in both paperback and all digital formats. All the book’s gorgeous illustrations were created by the Author himself, and reflect the characters of all the animals and fantasy figures in his books so well and present as unforgettable images children can relate to and become intimate with like endearing friends.

These works are unique and unusual and were written in the best of British tradition and will make for many hours of wonderful reading adventures, to be enjoyed by both parent and child.


Publisher: Speaking-Volumes LLC

Reprint To Be Published  by Speaking Volumes LLC (www.speaking-volumes.us) in 2015


WELCOME TO MY BOOK WORLD​ – Children’s Category.  All books in this series also to be published by Speaking-Volumes LLC in 2015

Adult Category
We shall hear more about upcoming titles in the fiction adult genre by our Author over the coming months.  Keep an eye out for this budding author.
More Completed Novels by the Author…
Genre:  Paranormal Fiction Thriller
(Not yet published but soon to be, can be checked out on this link:  http://lsydneyabel.weebly.com/

© 2012 by Lawrence Abel

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