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Rob Clague

R.B. Clague was born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria. He attended Heidelberg Technical School and studied social sciences at Monash University. R.B’s employment in a variety of fields throughout his career has included Health Care, Child Protection, Forensic psychiatry, Juvenile Justice, Community Outreach and Youth Residential work with several non-Government Agencies.

R.B. spent seven years, employed in various states and Territories around Australia as a Probation and Parole Officer, including three years in Central Australia, where he worked with tribal Aboriginal people on remote desert communities.

Other writing credits include: “Twenty Twisted Tales” “Daisy” “Whitefella dreaming” (and the three sequels to that book) and “Finding the Here” which will all be re-published with Karabeth publishing 2012-2013.

R.B. currently resides in Grafton New South Wales, where he writes.

GENRE: Young adult/Adult/fantasy/Satire
PUBLISHER: Karabeth,  Aberdeen, Scotland.
FORMATS: Paperback; digital formats
SYNOPSIS: Who would ever believe that three cows, absconding from a farm in a country town somewhere in New South Wales Australia, could bring a father and son closer together, reunite two long-lost lovers, form a lasting friendship between completely different animal species, receive aid from a mysterious Swami, and have a song dedicated to them, by an internationally famous country music singer?
Who would ever believe that those same three bovines could become enlightened, aware that humans actually consume cows and in the end, capture the attention of the national media and the hearts of an entire nation, as they attempt to escape to India, where cows are sacred and not included on the human menu?
This and much more besides, is the occasionally hilarious, uplifting and thought provoking  story of Daisy, her friends, Bunyip and Tulip; whilst on  their amazing quest to step outside of their limitations to become wiser, and much more than others expect them to be. This well moving and diverse fauna encountered tale is filled with metaphorical content can be categorized in the genre suitable for young adults, as well as adults.  This charming and educational story offers an unorthodox and very  revealing insight into how we as humans and our wily ways are evaluated, scrutinized and sized up by the intuitive minds of the animal creatures’ perspective.  I have always said to R. B. Clague after first reading his ‘Daisy’ novel that this book had the makings and hallmark of what all enduring ‘classics’ are made of.

This work is currently being reviewed by our contacts in Los Angeles for a ‘live feature length movie production.  ‘All the more reason why we should perhaps urge R. B. Clague if he would consider writing a sequel to “Daisy” about her new-found exotic lifestyle in India???


Below an additional pre-release review of Daisy, by the well-respected G.N. Braun, President of the Horror writers association Melbourne, who can indeed put it much better than we can – in all of its worthy 5 star ratings:-
G.N.‘s review
Mar 23, 12
5 of 5 stars
Read in March, 2012
An absolutely brilliant book.
I had the honour and the pleasure of reading this before publication, and loved every page, every sentence and every new concept the author comes up with. R.B. Clague pushes the boundaries even for animal metaphors. In Daisy, the cows who feature as the main characters—especially Daisy herself—manage to achieve a higher level of self-awareness than any cows have in the history of the world, at least as far as humans know. They love, they laugh, they share adventures with other friends they meet along the way, and most of all they lift us up with their simple yet at the same time heartfelt and complex views of the world.
R.B. Clague allows Daisy and her friends to light up our imagination, to truly believe that the world is a beautiful and wondrous place, despite all the sorrow it contains. We follow the title character’s adventures with hope in our heart, and we are never let down by the storyline.
The archetypes and the story-arc presented herein are classic, yet fresh and entertaining. We find all the old favourites here; the hero, the wise mentor, the journey to enlightenment, and the shadow. We find a love story, a coming-of-age, a tale of responsibilities lived up to, a tale of friendship and sweet parting, the joy of reunion and the despair of failure.
And you, lucky reader; by the time you finish Daisy, you will know the joy and exuberance of a life well-lived, of friendship, bravery and loyalty, of imagination and what lies beyond the ordinary. You will experience loss, love and anger, and, finally, the joy of a story well-shared.
I thoroughly enjoyed travelling with Daisy and her friends, and I know you will too.
For you, though, the story has just begun.
“WHITEFELLA DREAMING”  –  A Brilliant and visual Work with great Film
Potential, R. B. Clague has set the wheels in motion himself with a film production company  and a fundraising campaign is in progress.  We wish him much success.

RB Clague

Just an average guy, Rob Swift has a great life – he works with Michael, his best friend, in a job he enjoys, and the love of his life, Aroha, lives just downstairs

On the way to work one morning, an Aboriginal man runs out in front of their car and is killed in a horrific accident. The accident

also kills Michael and leaves Aroha in a coma. His life shattered, Rob can only hope Aroha will awaken. When her sleeping form is possessed, and she rises to declare her soul will remain in spiritual prison until Rob pays for his actions, it sends this average guy on an electrifying journey into the unknown, leaving him forever a changed man as he battles to save the woman he loves.

“WHITEFELLA DREAMING” and followed by its three now completed sequels – entitled “DESERT OF THE MIND”, “FIRE OF THE SUN”, and “SIGH OF THE WIND”, all equally wonderful, compelling and visual works – to our mind is a Series of novels that would present itself for a fantastic film / movie project, yet to be explored.
R.B. Clague

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