About Our Client and Author Amy Johnson

Author Amy Johnson

About the Author

I live in New Mexico with my husband, children and 4 dogs. I am currently working on my next book which is a sequel to Meg’s Moment.  I enjoy writing, reading and crafting.

Author’s photo taken by Leslie Bailey Photography.


Meg’s Moment

Author: Amy Johnson

Print ISBN: 9781937593247

E-Book ISBN: 9781937593254

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Humerous

Release Date 10/1/2011

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Megan Malone is a bored housewife determined to put passion back into her marriage. When she discovers that her husband, Ted, is a lying cheating scumbag, she decides to dump him and have a wild night with one of the hotties from her high school days. She enlists the help of her eclectic group of friends and a down in the dumps Private Investigator, Jack Weston, who coincidentally is investigating her husband and his girlfriend. She hires Jack to locate these hotties so she can put some passion back into her boring monotonous life. But Jack has other plans. Megan snubbed him back in high school and he wants revenge. Megan finds herself in a hot mess of passion, love and murder. Now its left up to Jack to try to prove her innocent. Has Megan finally gotten herself into a mess she can’t get out of?

1/15/2012 Top 50 Amazon Bestseller

3/30/2012 Amazon Top 20 Bestseller

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #78 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

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