About Our Client and Author Qwaun Chi

Author Qwaun Chi

About the Author

Qwaun Chi lives in Connecticut with her husband and two children. She writes on a daily basis and has acquired nearly thirty titles. With a background in English, she continues to write, and can almost always be found with a pen and paper in hand.


The Ian Hawkins Story

Author: Qwaun Chi

Print ISBN:

E-Book ISBN:

Genre: Psychological Thriller/Crime

Release Date to be determined


Have you ever wondered who watches your children while they walk home from school with their friends? Well, in Bigford Connecticut, a pedophile named Ian Hawkins is watching your children, deciding who should be the next victim for his sadistic kidnapping scheme. His way of avoiding the law with his brutal ways is only the beginning. Will the law enforcement catch him before he completes his master plans? Or will the parents of the missing children raise against him and put a stop to the madness? Only time will tell as this criminal laughs at the prospect of being apprehended.

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