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Wallace G. Berger has been a researcher scientist, a U.S. Senate Staffer, a system engineer, and a program evaluator.  He has worked in small and large research and development companies, the legislative and executive branch of the U.S. government, at a major research university, and as the co-founder of a consulting organization. He also has done volunteer work for a number of national charitable organizations.  He has a keen interest in cosmology and theoretical physics. He is an active wood artist and his art reflects his interest in physics and the natural environment. Wallace graduated from Michigan State University with a Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology. He lives with his wife Charlene in Melbourne Florida and Saratoga Springs New York.


About 25 years ago, I joined Harris Corporation in Melbourne as a Senior Principal Engineer.  At Harris, I lead engineering teams in the development of new information and communications systems for US civilian and intelligence agencies. While at Harris I authored over 100 reports on decision making, new technology and new processes.  I also gave numerous presentations internally and to the US Government.


For eight years, I served on the United States Senate Appropriations Committee in Washington DC.  I was responsible for the $84 Billion HUD-Independent Agencies Appropriations Bill as Majority Counsel and Staff Director.  I recommended and crafted legislation for the International Space Station, the science and engineering programs at National Science Foundation, and various national security programs. I initiated numerous GAO reports and studies on the effectiveness of government programs. I worked closely with Cabinet Secretaries of two administrations in developing budget and national priorities. During my tenure as Majority Counsel, the Subcommittee’s annual budget authority was reduced by 56 percent in constant dollars and the Subcommittee was complimented by the President and Senate Majority Leader for being the first to complete appropriations bills in fiscal year 1983 and fiscal year 1984.


Prior to the Senate, I was an Associate Research Psychologist with the Institute of Science and Technology-Highway Safety Research Institute at the University of Michigan. At the University of Michigan, I was the Principal Researcher on a contact for the National Highway Traffic Safety.  I published over 20 scientific papers and studies prior to joining the U.S Senate.


I received my Ph.D. at Michigan State University in Industrial and Quantitative Psychology.

I have presented and/or published over 30 peer-reviewed technical papers in psychology.


My interests include writing, wood art, photography, and kayaking.  During the last five years I have been an active wood artist and have had my works displayed in juried shows and in numerous venues. I  am currently pursuing my interest in writing science fiction novels.

Wormhole Prophecies

Author: Wallace G Berger

Print ISBN


Genre: Science Fiction/Suspense

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Publisher: World Castle Publishing (2012)


Two American scientists discover the existence of a wormhole that provides information about the world’s future.  It’s a shocking vision of the effects of global climate change. Chronic food, power and water shortages lead to pandemics and world-wide turmoil.

Understanding how the future will unfold is of great political value. Both the U.S. and the Chinese government vie for control of this information. The struggle to control access to the wormhole sets off a series of event involving the U.S. intelligence community, the U.S. Senate, the Chinese State Security Ministry, the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, and the families and friends of the American scientists.  As the plot unfolds there are two kidnappings, two deaths, the destruction of both an American and a Chinese satellite, and the use of the wormhole prophecies to change the planet’s future.
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